Waiting for Baby

Has your ‘due date’* been and gone? Are you feeling emotionally and physically exhausted as you wait for your baby?

As a mama of 3 whose babies were all born at over 41 weeks, (my 1st was was born at one day shy of 43 weeks) I can fully understand the mixture of emotions you are feeling right now.

I know that this is a vulnerable time  for many and unfortunately with society’s fixation on the mythical ‘due date’ along with the growing increase of induction for postdates despite the evidence – women are feeling the pressure more than ever,

I hear from women all over the world that feel alone, unsupported and stressed as they wait for their baby. 

This is why I have created a new support service to honour this specific time and need.

I’m now offering a special new session for mamas over 40 Weeks pregnant who are feeling the need for relaxation and support while they wait for their baby. 

This session that takes place in the comfort of your home either in person or via skype, includes:

  • Listening support around your fears and emotions.
  • Talk you through your options, what your rights are and provide you with evidence based research and information on postdates pregnancy so you can make your choices from an informed place and feel more clear and confident.
  • Rebozo relaxation (for skype sessions I can show or your partner how to do this yourselves)
  • Fear release and connecting with baby hypnosis

The session will leave you feeling supported, confident and relaxed as you wait for your baby to arrive.

Not local? No problem! I offer Skype sessions.

Disclaimer: Gentle Mama Doula does not provide medical advice. 

*p.s there’s no such thing as a due date, because your it’s just an estimate! We will delve into why the idea of a due date is a big myth!