Perhaps you’ve just found out you’re newly pregnant! Congratulations! 

All of a sudden you find yourself with a thousand questions and furiously googling each one, only to feel more confused! There is so much conflicting advice and so little support in the early pregnancy period especially as the majority of mothers choose not to share the news until later on. 

I have supported hundreds of women to find the confidence and trust within themselves. Think of me as a bridge between a close friend and ‘Dr Google’.

I will be there for you to listen anytime you want to chat, you can ask me questions (I may not always know the answers but will do my best to pass on evidence-based information using a wide variety of resources that I have available to me).

I am happy to go through all of your options with you, what to expect through your pregnancy, various antenatal care choices, what your rights are as well as help you with forming a birth plan. We can also chat about important topics that are often glossed over by many care providers such as nutrition and preparing for a peaceful postpartum babymoon. 

I also offer debriefing from your previous birth experience and can share birth support tips with your partner.

Offering you emotional, empathetic and informational support, I trust women to make their own decisions when they have access to all the information.

I will never tell you what you should or shouldn’t do- instead I’m here to show you there is always more than one way. I can hold that space for you as you work through your choices, fears and joy. 

All of my doula clients already get this service as well as in-person sessions and of course attendance at the birth but this service enables you to have so much support through your pregnancy and, once your baby is here, leading up to your birth even if you don’t want a doula at your birth.

This service is via phone/text/email and video chat.