Lindsay is an amazing doula! Her wisdom and encouragement enabled me to find and hold onto the strength to have the birth I desired.

She’ll always be part of our family now after cutting the cord on my request!

I wish I had found her sooner!

Jen & Rodd

Lindsay was my rock before, during and after a home birth.

I chose to have a doula initially for practical reasons (family live far away, husband running around dealing with a toddler, topping up the pool etc.) but Lindsay gave so much more than practical support.

She helped me stick to the hypnobirthing techniques I’d learned and was an unfailingly calm and reassuring presence throughout.

I don’t think I would have anything like as happy memories of the birthing experience without Lindsay’s involvement and would hugely recommend her. Thank you!!! 


I have two children. Both births took place in hospital and both were unpleasant experiences. I felt vulnerable, frightened and confused! One unexplained intervention led to another untill I became completely nonplussed and therefore felt powerless to assert my wishes.

I contacted Lindsay for a telephone consultation. Lindsay listened to me as I told my unhappy birth stories and gave me invaluable knowledge and insight. She helped me to understand WHY I had felt so traumatised.

‘Of course!’ I thought as I put down the phone. There is a ridiculous power imbalance between a woman in labour and a vast bureaucratic hospital system. Of course! When a hierarchal system is underfunded and understaffed, pressure is asserted from the top to the bottom. Midwives have little time for compassion and are required by management to prioritise protocol.

After my phone call with Lindsay I realised that I hadn’t done anything wrong. I had had the same experience thousands of women continue to have. It wasn’t my fault for not being assertive enough, or for not being well versed in my human rights! It’s the fault of a broken system that doesn’t have the resources to listen to the patient.

Lindsay, on the other hand, did listen. She understood my experiences and my fears and swept them away. She helped me to forget the negatives and just focus on the few basic facts that felt really empowering to me; that ALL medical care is merely an offer and to put my trust in my instincts, my body and my baby!


I’m not sure I would have made it in my breastfeeding journey without the support I have received from Lindsay.

She gave me continuous support in the early days of having my baby – it was lovely to have someone to turn to when things were really bad.

The support I received in my pregnancy was amazing too.

Lindsay is lovely and very knowledgeable.


Thank goodness for Lindsay. Wherever she is she helps me. I’m on my third child and she has helped me immensely with some issues.

Incredibly informative, helpful, kind and supportive. 

Women like her are who give others the strength to overcome any obstacle.


Lindsay was an amazing doula for our first baby and I know for certain we would not have made it through our epic birthing process without her knowledge, care, support, and genuine concern. Prior to the birth Lindsay was always available to answer my numerous questions and concerns, and she always had answers for us or suggestions to look into. She helped my husband through the birth to be the best support person he could be, and she truly made me believe that I could do it. 

Lindsay is a true professional in her field and she genuinely cares for all of her clients as if they were family of her own. Her post parturition visits were also so valuable and it was so easy to form a strong and trusting relationship with her from our very first meeting. There is no doubt in my mind that she would be an asset to any family for all of their birthing needs, and I have recommended her to anyone I know! As an extra, once Lindsay moved back to England and found out we were expecting again, she was again such a help and wealth of knowledge and recommended another doula for us to work with here in her place. 

Lindsay is a shining example of what a doula should be, and I know she will continue to help bring so many more babies into this world in a calm, natural, and loving way. Thank you for everything Lindsay!

Kay & Alex

Lindsay is a rare type of person. She will bend over backwards to help you and provide or find you the information you need regarding a whole magnitude of topics. I am so grateful to Lindsay throughout pregnancy, birth and now with supporting me breastfeeding


I highly recommend Lindsay at Gentle Mama Doula. Hypnobirthing was invaluable to both of us during my rainbow pregnancy and Lily’s birth. And beyond! She tailored our programme to suit our circumstances and needs and helped us more than I could have imagined. Lindsay is an incredible support, one of the most patient and understanding people I’ve ever met and continues to be of enormous help now.

Elena & Hayden

Lindsay is an experienced, patient and empathetic listener. She really sees you and helps you figure out what you want and need. I’ve worked with her doing breastfeeding support and she’s extremely knowledgeable and passionate. Lindsay is an empowering supporter of birth and natural parenting. I’d recommend her in a second. Any mother to be or mother would be lucky to have her in her corner.


I went to Lindsay after being terrified after my first birth experience; shoulder dystocia, episiotomy, 3rd-degree tear, severe PPH after induction, failed epidural. I was told I needed an ECS after baby’s heartbeat dropped, but had an assisted delivery,followed by infection and pain for 7 months afterwards.

Following Lindsay’s hypnobirthing courses, my second birth experience was totally different!

I managed a drug free natural labour and delivery, laboured at home, just getting to hospital in time for delivery.

Lindsay also gave me breastfeeding advice after and found my son had tongue-tie after 2 other professionals missed it.

It totally changed my life and the way I think about birth.

I’d love to have another and have a homebirth now!!!

Very highly recommend!!!


After completing our sessions of hypnobirthing with Lindsay we would recommend it to anyone expecting a baby. The course empowered us to make choices that were best for us and our baby and our little boy’s birth was a beautiful experience. Lindsay was such a positive influence on us on the lead up to our baby’s birth and really supported us to come together as a couple as we welcomed our new family member. She made our sessions feel so personal and it was very evident how much she cares and how passionate she is about what she does.

Again we couldn’t recommend Lindsay and hypnobirthing enough.

Jodie & Rick

Love Hypnobirthing! Amelie was born in 1 hour and 14 mins.

I couldn’t get my water birth, as my blood pressure was too high. So I used Gas and Air. However, we had the most AMAZING birthing experience.

I could have panicked. Everything could have fallen apart. But it didn’t.

I just wanted to sing the praises of Lindsay Dalton at Gentle Mama Doula

Lindsay and our yoga teacher (Clare at Ripple Effect Yoga) were instrumental in giving James and I the tools for the most amazing positive birthing experience we could have wished for.

James was an amazing birthing partner, pulling out all the tools we had been taught. Light touch massage, relaxing music, affirmations, helping me with my meditation, breathing techniques, counter pressure, birthing ball, essential oils etc. 

He even set up candles, essential oils, relaxing music, and my foot spa when I was labouring at home. I was on an Oxytocin high!

Amelie arrived rather quickly into this world. But I had NO stitches, which was a major worry for me. Apparently, I kept asking the midwife if I had any tears!

Thank goodness for the “J Breaths” technique!

Sarah & James