Support is the essential ingredient when having a baby, both before your baby arrives, during birth and of course once baby is actually here!

In a culture that does not understand nor fully appreciate the huge transformation it is to become a mother (even if it’s not your first baby) I am passionate about providing a continuum of support – so that mothers can be mothered in order to feel restored, and take the time to heal, bond with their baby and rest. It’s also highly important for dads and same-sex mothers to have good support too so they can be in the best place to bond with their baby, support the birthing mother and enter/re-enter parenthood with confidence.

In other cultures around the world, birthing women are treated with the utmost care and love, given daily massages, honouring the postpartum with a lying-in period of 30-40 days, brought specific nourishing food and drinks for healing and restoration.

As a postnatal doula, my role includes offering non-judgmental listening support to new parents, breastfeeding support, an extra pair of hands for anything that you need doing, playing with older children, preparing nourishing food and drinks, laundry, light housekeeping,

Postnatal support package with on-call for breastfeeding support includes:

* Virtual doula support -Phone and Email support during pregnancy and after baby is born.
* Access to my lending library and online resources.
*On-call for help with initiating breastfeeding support in the first 48 hours.
*Postnatal support visits. We will work together to choose an amount and schedule of visits to meet your needs. Minimum of 20 hours booking.

On call breastfeeding support:

From your 38th week of pregnancy, you will go onto my on-call schedule which means I don’t travel far at this time and make myself available to you for when you have your baby.

Once baby is born you can give me a call to let me know and I will be there to support you with breastfeeding within the first 24 hours (for homebirths or early discharges). Alongside breastfeeding support, I can stay to make and your birth partner some food or help with your other children if needed. Many mothers also enjoy a healing postpartum herbal bath at this time (I can bring the bath herbs with me). Some mothers really appreciate this as a sacred time and I can help to facilitate that in a gentle and peaceful way, and others appreciate more so the practical help which I’m very happy to give. We talk about this when you book me so that I know what the ideal postnatal support looks like to you.

 For those having planned hospital births, transfers or a longer stay in hospital then the same as above applies, however, I visit you once you are home. This is highly valuable because after a couple of days in hospital you are able to settle back into being home and bringing your baby home with the support of an experienced doula and mother of 3 there to help you establish feeding, answer all of those questions you have now your new little person is finally here and do all the little things that you know need doing but are too busy gazing into your newborn’s eye, to actually do!

What does it look like?

I don’t intrude on your time as a new family, instead, I make myself as available to you as you need. Sometimes that looks like me in the background loading your dishwasher and cooking food while you and your partner get some rest with your baby, sometimes that’s me bringing over lunch and listening to you, and sometimes it’s 1-1 specialist breastfeeding support in your home. Postpartum doula support is very flexible and different for each family, I’m there to meet your needs as a family, fill in any gaps and make it easier so you can focus on resting, bonding and transitioning to life as new parents. Even those that already have 4 children are becoming new parents when a new baby is born!

Get in touch today to check my availability and to book your postnatal doula support. Covering all of Northamptonshire and surrounding areas.