You’re Pregnant! Congratulations!

If you are newly pregnant, maybe for the first time ever or maybe you’ve been here before, no doubt your mind will already be buzzing with questions and you’ll be feeling a whole mixture of emotions! Absolutely normal! 

I am passionate about supporting women as early in their pregnancies as possible to access information about ways they can have an optimal and joyful pregnancy and most importantly feel well supported from the very beginning! 

Most women do not have their first anteantal appointment with a midwife until around 10 weeks and at that booking appointment they are already being offered certain tests and choices about their pregnancy and their care. 

We can talk through what to expect, what options you have, what if you don’t want the same routine care that is being offered and also talk about birth place.

I can share with you resources and information on nutrition in pregnancy (highly ignored in most pregnancy care by the way), discuss any questions you have and share ideas and experiences to manage any early pregnancy change in your body that you are noticing.  

Please be aware that none of this information or guidance should be taken as medical advice since birth and pregnancy is not a medical condition and I am not a medical provider.

As a trained Hypnobirthing Practitioner, I will share with you simple yet effective exercise to quiet and calm you mind and to connect deeply with your baby and your intuition as a mother. 

Sadly not all pregnancies have happy outcomes. Should your pregnancy end unexpectedly, I offer listening support, and can share resources of how to cope with the grief of losing your baby. 

I recommend that if you would like to consider my support we would meet for an informal chat and then based on your needs we can put together a package that suits you and your budget. The support will be a mixture of face to face and video or phone calls plus you will have unlimited texts/email support and is customised to meet your needs and your budget.

If you later  decide to go ahead and hire me as your doula (subject to availability) this amount will be deducted from your Birth Doula support package.

Early Pregnancy Support is bookable from as early as you know your exciting news!