Home Visits within Northants and surrounding areas.

We know that 90% of women who stop breastfeeding in the first six weeks report giving up before they wanted to.

Society is failing these mothers and babies. Lack of support, funding, and government backing for breastfeeding juxtaposed with a multi-million dollar formula feeding industry that unethically pushes their products has all contributed to the UK’s shockingly low breastfeeding rates. Breastfeeding is no longer seen as ‘the norm’ because so few mothers are breastfeeding; not because they don’t want to be but because of the factors listed above.

I am committed to supporting, advocating and providing education on breastfeeding.

Since becoming pregnant with my first child 9 years ago, I found La Leche League and grew increasingly passionate about all things breastfeeding. Over 5 years ago I became an LLL Leader (accredited volunteer breastfeeding counsellor). In 2015 I obtained my 90 hours specific lactation education with Lactation Education Resources and am now a Certified Breastfeeding Speacilist – I have plans in the future to sit the IBCLC exam.

I have supported many hundreds of mothers and babies not just in England but across the world with reaching their breastfeeding goals.

Breastfeeding is the biological norm for babies and mothers but that doesn’t always mean it comes easily. There are many factors that can make breastfeeding not start out as smoothly as hoped and various challenges that came pop along the way but in most cases with good support, these challenges can be overcome and breastfeeding your baby can go on to be a wonderfully special time for you both.

Some of the common challenges I support mothers with are:

  • Painful or difficult latching
  • Baby struggling to remain latched or to effectively feed
  • Oversupply/blocked ducts & Mastitis
  • Slow weight gain
  • Getting back to the breast (for babies who have been supplemented)
  • Sleepy Babies
  • Getting breastfeeding off to a good start (early support in the first hours following birth)
  • Antenatal Education & consults/debriefs of previous experience
  • Re-lactation (whereby a mother can work to breastfeed again if she has stopped)
  • Babies struggling with wind/gas/colic
  • Low milk supply
  • Twins
  • Pumping
  • Return to work 

Home visits include a full breastfeeding assessment and usually take around 2 hours. After I’ve visited you, you’ll receive an email with any suggestions that we have covered along with any relevant links/research, etc. I also provide follow up phone and email support.

In some cases, if I feel that you could benefit from being referred to another specialist, an IBCLC for more complex cases or an allied health professional such as tongue tie practitioner or osteopath, then I will let you know and provide you with contact details.

I receive excellent feedback from the families who have accessed my support. See what they say here.

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I’m excited to now be offering a new service; on-call breastfeeding support

More info coming soon!!