What is a Doula & How can I support you?

During Pregnancy

Once you have met with me and decided to book me as your doula,  I am here for you as much as you would like in your pregnancy!

You can check in with me anytime you are feeling like you could do with a chat, if you have any questions, need to know your options or even if you just need a good rant!

If needed I can attend appointments with you, provide you with evidence based information and research so you can feel fully informed about all of choices in pregnancy and beyond.

We will meet at least twice before your birth, which will give us an opportunity to get to know each other more and for me to understand your needs at birth.

During our antenatal sessions, I will share breathing techniques, as well as other tools for relaxation for your pregnancy and coping strategies for labour.

If you have a birthing partner I will share ways that he or she can best support you so that they too feel calm and confident on the day. I will help you if needed to write a birth plan and get clear on what it is you want for your birth.

You are welcome to borrow from my lending library and I also offer you a significant discount on any of my courses or workshops.

Birth Support

At 38 weeks I go on-call for you, that means I will not travel further than an hour from your home without telling you, and my phone is glued to me at all times (no seriously, I sleep with it under my pillow at night!)

I stay on call for you until you’ve had your baby so there’s no pressure from me if you are someone like me whose babies like to stay comfy inside the womb for a little longer.

Once you are in labour we stay in touch and decide when you would like me to come to you. I offer continuous support for your labour and birth.  My full doula package also includes a back up doula.

At a home birth, once you have birthed your baby and are comfortably breastfeeding, I will make you and your partner some food and a nice cup of tea (or maybe a glass of Prosecco!) whatever you fancy!

Then I will have a little tidy up of your birth space, help pack away the birth pool if you used one and make sure you are all snuggled up in bed with your baby before leaving.

At a hopsital/birth centre birth I will stay until you have established breastfeeding and have eaten. Then I will leave you for some family time.

I’m then available by phone or text if you have any concerns or questions as you transition to life with your new baby.  

Post Birth

I also offer a postnatal visit as part of my birth doula package. At a time that works for you, we will arrange a visit to chat about the birth, how you are feeling, how your little one is doing and to support you with breastfeeding. 

If you require additional support with breastfeeding, I can offer specialist breastfeeding support & postnatal doula services.  I’m well connected to know where and when to signpost to should you require any further help. 

As you can imagine the relationships I build with the families I support are really special so I’m grateful to have been able to keep in touch with many of them and it’s always so nice to hear about and see the babies grow up!

You can see what some of the families have to say about me here

If you would like to meet with me and see if i’m the doula for you then send me a message to arrange your free consultation! 

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