Birth in YOUR Power

Pregnancy, birth and motherhood is an initiation in the truest sense:
The most powerful transformation.
If you want to connect with your inner wisdom, bond deeply with your baby and create a positive conscious pregnancy and birth, then you are in the right place.

Your Journey begins here.

Juliehome water birth

Lindsay was my rock before, during and after a home birth. I chose to have a doula initially for practical reasons (family live far away, husband running around dealing with a toddler, topping up the pool etc.) but Lindsay gave so much more than practical support. She helped me stick to the hypnobirthing techniques I’d learned and was an unfailingly calm and reassuring presence throughout.
I don’t think I would have anything like as happy memories of the birthing experience without Lindsay’s involvement and would hugely recommend her.
Thank you!!!

CaitlinBreastfeeding Home Consultation

I’m not sure I would have made it in my breastfeeding journey without the support I have received from Lindsay. She gave me continuous support in the early days of having my baby - it was lovely to have someone to turn to when things were really really bad. The support I received in my pregnancy was amazing too. Lindsay is lovely and very knowledgeable.



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Morning glow: Green Smoothie Recipe

I want to share with you this delicious green smoothie recipe which I enjoyed during my last pregnancy and also during my postnatal babymoon. Now whenever I make this, it takes me back to that time! A bonus is my kids like it, so it’s helpful for getting some healthy ingredients into us all! Here’s …

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Twin Homebirth at 42 weeks!

Thank you to Laura for giving me permission to share her birth story of twins born at home, past 42 weeks.  Below is the story in her own words. Enjoy! Upon finding out out at the 12 week scan we were expecting twins ( 2 sacs, 2 placentas) I was told ( yes, told!) at …

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